Ongoing projects, upcoming books:
- Formgiven - från vax till brons, planned release in 2017

Author and illustrator:
- Seen and unseen, 2017
- Så som jag ser det, 2015
- East of the Sun, 2011
- In Flying White, 2005
- Especially with Hedda, 1996
- Golden Eagle, 1991
- Nordic Impressions, 1991
- The Divine Landscape, 1989
- Sketches from Nature, 1988

Lennart Sand is represented in many book editions as co-author and illustrator. He can also be found in art catalouges and bibliofiles in Sweden and abroad.

The red fox in art
Published in USA 2013 – THE RED FOX IN ART.
A volume describing the red fox in art from the 1500th century until today. Among about 300 paintings and sculptures is artwork from 2 scandinavians included, Bruno Liljefors, 1860-1939 and Lennart Sand, 1946-. 11 of Brunos and 7 of Lennarts oilpaitings.